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Why fencing?
Is it dangerous?
Is it expensive?
It is very exciting, and anyone can do it. You don’t have to be the biggest, strongest, or fastest person.  You have to be the smartest.  It is just as challenging mentally as it is physically. As you become older, you also become smarter. That means it can be a life-long sport.
No.  It is a non-violent sport and full-contact is not allowed.  The lightest touch on-target registers a point, so there is no need to hit hard.  The mask protects your head, and the uniform protects your body.  All gear is puncture rated to prevent injury.  Women wear plastic protection under their jackets.
A starter gear set costs $175 (mask, jacket, glove, weapon, and bag).  Just wear shorts, or sweat pants, and some flat-bottomed sneakers until you start to compete.  Then, you are required to wear knickers and tall socks.  Cheaper than any sport with horses, and there is potential for a college scholarship- good potential.
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About Fencing

The En Garde Fencing Club in Ocala, FL is a place where people (ages 6 and up) may learn the Olympic sport of fencing through group classes, private lessons, and open practice with Coach Phillip Vincent, former national sabre fencing champion.

To schedule your first class, please call (352) 286-9608.
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